"Adventures in Burgundy" is a beautiful, exciting and unique photographic memoir; an impression, a valentine, a shred of history from Burgundy's Golden Age. Published by Pinot Press, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
"Adventures in Burgundy" is the fourth book by Lincoln Russell, a professional photographer for more than 30 years; with a foreword by Aubert de Villaine and an afterword by Guillaume Marquis d'Angerville, two of Burgundy's most distinguished winegrowers, and an introduction by Allen Meadows, the most respected writer on Burgundy's wines.
Lincoln Russell was born in Boston in 1951, purchased his first camera in 1968, was a professional photographer by 1978, published his first book in 1998, and published his fourth book in 2008.
Lincoln graduated from Boston University with a BS in Journalism and immediately began working as a freelance photographer. His first client was Boston's mayor; within two years, clients included Massachusetts' governor, Polaroid, Sotheby's and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.