Photographer Lincoln Russell's new book.

Artist Seeking Models
By Lincoln RussellIntroduction by Marlena DonohueSteinhour Wemyss EditionsLimited numbers available from the author
It is the rare photo that can hold our interest beyond the commercial, decorative, or titillating. In this book, Lincoln Russell creates just such rare photos. With confidence, humor and unassailable technique, Russell's "Artist Seeking Models" weds two of art history's most visited traditions: the female nude and the artist's self-portrait.

We have seen the artist and his model countless times, but there is no photographic work that precisely parallels this; both classical and eccentric, lauding the canon of beauty, then winking an eye at its pretense.

The easy grace, the luxurious longing you sense, the way that light swathes and guides narrative, the lucidity and variety of platinum tones achieved, all of that is deliberate, thoughtful, schooled, and the culmination of twenty-five years of experience and dues-paying by a widely published photographer who's mastered his metier.

Against Russell's assiduous process, there is this spunky rule-breaking, a way he courts the uncertain and the rambunctious, envisioning emotional spaces just shy of the forbidden.

The artist gives us post-feminist women absolutely possessed and comfortable, in charge of their bodies, claiming their psychic and narrative moment in the same way that Manet's infamous model took her empowered, controversial place on the grass some hundred years back.

- Marlena Donohue, from the Introduction
Photographer Lincoln Russell's new book.
"We are especially pleased to be able to present Russell's work in conjunction with an exhibition of selected photogravure prints from Camera Work, a journal published by Alfred Stieglitz, one of America's foremost photographers."
- Sharon Blume, Director

"A remarkable portfolio not unlike the photographs of Cindy Sherman."
- James Ganz, Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs

"I find your portraits of Ozawa incredibly sympathetic. The range of your other work is quite astonishing."
- Richard Field, Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs

"A fine book of photographs, and so finely printed and designed."
- Mark Haworth-Booth, Curator of Photographs

"A beautiful book; your photographs are remarkable and a constant source of pleasure to me."
- Stoker Devonshire, 12th Duke of Devonshire

Portraits of Seiji Ozawa & Other Photographs, 1978 - 1998
By Lincoln RussellForeword by Sharon BlumeEssays by James Ganz and John StevensonThe Berkshire Museum1999
SEIJI: An Intimate Portrait of Seiji Ozawa

Photographs by Lincoln Russell Edited by Caroline Smedvig Introduction by John WilliamsHoughton Mifflin1998
"Boston's foremost publisher presents a public valentine to a hometown pride-and-joy; marvelous celebrity photos, striking photographs. Lincoln Russell captures the experience of watching Ozawa but perhaps best captures the man himself - a unique portrait."
- Ray Olsen, BOOKLIST

"Should get 'pride of place' for this year's performing arts gift books. Russell's best photographs are profoundly revealing."
- Richard Dyer, BOSTON GLOBE
"Marvelous, fascinating; the definitive book on Seiji Ozawa."
- Ron della Chiesa, WGBH RADIO

"Lincoln has recorded the kind of photographic history that can only be achieved by a portraitist who enjoys intimate access to his subject."
- John Williams

- Seiji Ozawa

Lincoln Russell was born in Boston in 1951, purchased his first camera in 1968, was a professional photographer by 1978, published his first book in 1998, and published his fourth book in 2008.

Lincoln graduated from Boston University with a BS in Journalism and immediately began working as a freelance photographer. His first client was Boston's mayor; within two years, clients included Massachusetts' governor, Polaroid, Sotheby's and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Dubbed the "Honorary 102nd member of the Boston Symphony" by its managing director, Lincoln has been on 15 international concert tours.

Lincoln photographed recording sessions and made artists's portraits for many clients in classical music. In addition to a wide range of corporate clients, architecture, especially fabulous residences, was another specialty.

Most of Lincoln's work has been done "on location" - real people, real places and real-life situations - and has been in advertisements, posters, annual reports, magazines, books, product packaging and galleries.

Lincoln, who travels extensively, lives with his wife, Nancy Fitzpatrick, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They have a dog named Beaune.

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